• Created a 2D level layout using Illustrator

  • Blocked out and iterated the final arena that utilized a unique movement system in VR

  • Replaced grey box geometry with a modular kit provided by the environment artist

  • Provided constructive feedback to another level designer to create a cohesive level

  • Collaborated with the environment artist on what props and textures would better the level’s experience

Whipslash is a game where you feel like a bad ass as you throw your axes to slash, gash, pull, and bash enemies in an intense Sci-Fi VR environment.


  • Finished as a finalist in the 2020 Intel University Games Showcase

  • One of over 550 entries that were accepted to Independent Games Festival 2020 Competition

  • Was originally going to be showcased at the 2020 Game Developers Conference

  • Design Blog "Whipslash: Designing Levels for Virtual Reality" was published on Next Level Design's website here

Windows (HTC VIVE Required) 

Constant Iteration

During development, the level went through constant iterations. In the beginning, the level was going to be a series of hallways that lead to combat arenas. Once we added another designer, it was decided to have it be a smaller level to have a more polish experience. I was constantly playtesting the game so players were able to flawlessly move around the space. The placement of grapple points and enemies were constantly changed so that exploration and combat beats were evenly spaced. 


 I was in communication with the other designer, giving him feedback on how we can combine our levels to have a cohesive experience. Our environment artist and I also talked throughout development about what props and modular pieces could be created to help fill the space and guide the player throughout the level. 

Unique Movement System

The only way for the player to move around the world is by throwing the axes at grapple points and enemies. We wanted to create a VR game with a unique experience so it can stand out from the crowd.


The grapple points are placed strategically so the player can move around quickly or escape from enemies if they felt overwhelmed so they could plan their next attack. Enemy groups were placed in a way for the player to launch surprise attacks by hitting and moving to them before the enemies can react.

Game Trailer

In-Game Screenshots

2D sketch

2d sketch of the first level