• Created 2D layouts for all four levels using Photoshop

  • Blocked out and iterated all four levels in Unity 

  • Developed overall narrative of why the player collects leaves 

  • Designed multiple puzzles and interactions unique to each level

  • Communicated with artists what props were needed for puzzles and interactions

  • Communicated with programmers on how puzzle pieces were going to work

Lika is a casual, atmospheric side-scrolling game where the player collects magic leaves for the Great Tree to restore color to the four seasons. Watch as the environment around you changes from a dull black and white to a variety of brilliant colors!


  • Selected by Texas AM Visualization Faculty to be showcased at Unity's booth at SXSW 2018 festival in Austin, Texas.

  • Selected by Michigan State University Game Development Faculty to be demoed at the 2018 GameDev @ MSU Game Showcase and nominated for Outstanding Game Project of the Year.

Windows & Mac version

Mobile Version


Simple Level & Puzzle Design 

With Lika, we wanted to mirror the experiences of games from thatgamecompany like Flower, Journey, and Flow. In the PC version, I design very simple levels where the challenge was avoiding dangerous obstacles. We wanted the player to sit down and enjoy the aesthetics rather than worry about difficult decision making.

For the mobile version, we wanted to add puzzle mechanics and small interactions in order to maintain the player's interest and curiosity. The small interactions were to have the player feel like they were really helping the forest. When an interaction is complete, a leaf appears to make the player feel rewarded even after performing a simple task.

Narrative Design

At the beginning of development, we knew we wanted players to collect leaves but we could not answer why they collect leaves. I pitched to the team the narrative of being a fairy (wind on mobile version) that collected magical leaves for a great tree called Lika to restore balance to the forest. They felt like it supported the relaxing atmosphere that we wanted for the game.

Lika is Swedish for equal, so the player is trying to bring equality and balance back to the great tree, Lika, so that the four seasons are all fully restored. I wanted to pick a name that was short yet memorable like Journey or Flower and also tied in with the game's overall narrative.

Project Management 

We used the Scrum methodology in our development process. I worked closely with our producer to manage our team to make sure that our goals were met with every sprint. I would be in constant communication with programmers about what we could implement within the time allowed. With the art team, we were always talking about what assets were needed and how they could convey to the player how a puzzle or an interaction was to be solved.


We had a burn-down chart that we used to track our progress throughout development. After a sprint, we would discuss what we wanted to do next, then update our task list and estimated hours accordingly.

Game Trailer

In-Game Screenshots

Block-in Level

Screenshot of some of the level puzzles for the block-ins.