Here you can find research papers and game design documents that I have created and been apart of during my time in school. Any questions about them please contact me!


Sports: Fusing the Virtual and Real World

This is a research paper discussing on how college and professional athletics are training their athletes using virtual reality. It was accepted to "Animation, Video Games and Virtual Experience:
Sport and the Artifice of Moving Image Media" symposium hosted by the Animation Academy of Loughborough University in the UK. 

Paper will be uploaded soon!

User Observation Report

This is a user observation report for a imaginary app know as APEX BodySuit, a suit that would track a person's body while working through an app. A teammate and I observed people in a gym and recorded results via research report.


Competitive Analysis

This is an competitive analysis report for APEX Body Suit. For this assignment, we had to analyze up to 3 competitors so we could better improve our own app idea then put those results into a report.


Callestia Game Design Document

This is a game design document for Callestia, a short RPG excergame where players are a lost warrior who must get their kingdom back from an evil villain using calisthenic exercises.


Don't Wake The Drake Game Design Document

Don't Wake the Drake is a game concept that I created and designed for a game design contest for an student organization called Texas Aggie Game Developers at Texas A&M University. I placed second in the competition and became Creative Director over a team of 40 individuals consisting of artists, programmers and designers.