•  Some levels were selected to be in the CGMA Summer 2019 Student Showcase


Composition is one of the most important aspects of guiding players through a space. I learned that positioning shapes and choosing certain colors can be a huge help in telling the player where to go without being obvious. I would use prototype models provided by the instructor to do the layout, I would also create props that would help with my concept for the level.  

Shapes and Psychology

Throughout the course, l learned how to use shapes to trigger a player's human psychology. For thousands of years, humans associate shapes with feeling safe or recognizing danger. Even to this day, our brains still react according to the shapes. 

With this knowledge, I would scale and place props in a certain way for when I wanted the player to feel safe, anxious or stealthy. I also learned how to use aspects of "The Hero's Journey" to enhance the player's experience.


Concept Art to Level Layout

At the beginning of the course, the first assignment was to create a level block-out based on the painting "Streets in Arcueil" by Henri Matisse. This was a way to learn composition and how to set it up for the player's view in the game. It was also a way to understand the scale and distance between objects from up close and afar.

I also used concept art from artists I found for inspiration for some of my level layouts.