My Name is Nathan Kellman, and I am a game designer. My passions are creating exciting experiences for people to enjoy and working with others to achieve that goal. ​


My main fields of expertise are level design and project management. I love designing levels that effortlessly guide the player through the game while visually demonstrating the narrative and mechanics. With project management, I enjoy working with people from multiple backgrounds and disciplines to create a fantastic experience for people to enjoy.


My passion led me to Michigan State University's Game Development Program, where I recently graduated with my master's degree. While at MSU, I developed a variety of games for work in the Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab (GEL), classes, and in my spare time. Currently, I am working on “Project Rubyshark”, a first person shooter that combines traversal puzzle solving like "TitanFall 2" with fast pace combat like "DOOM". My tasks are creating my level by designing the level’s concept, white boxing, and implementing the puzzles and sequences within Unreal Engine 4.